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VACCHO - Project Manager

Improving Support for Aboriginal people with a disability project
2-3 days per week
12 months maximum term with possibility to extend
We are looking for someone to Project Manage the "No one's left out" project. This is an important project focused on improving the support for Victorian Aboriginal people with a disability.

You will be working closely with three of our Member organisations and you will need to be able to travel throughout Victoria.

We need someone who can hit the ground running, who either has, or can quickly pick up, knowledge or disability issues affecting Victorian Aboriginal people and has an understanding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the current changes being implemented.

You will also need end to end project management experience, the ability to build positive relationships with key stakeholders and produce quality documentation and reports.

Experience working with Aboriginal organisations, communities and individuals in culturally appropriate ways is essential.

For more information visit their website. http://www.vaccho.org.au/jobs/c/

Note there are a lot of interesting VACCHO roles - visit their website for more 



Careers in health - information on every health role:

"We want Aboriginal and Torres Islander kids to know they can get a job in health"

The Minister for Indigenous Health, Mr Snowdon noting that research demonstrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are more likely to seek primary health care when it’s being provided by their own people, has said:
“We need more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GPs, paramedics, medical receptionists, nurses, sports physiotherapists, dental assistants, and dietitians to better respond to the particular needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. We want Aboriginal and Torres Islander kids to know they can get a job in health. Not everyone can, or wants to, be a doctor - we need people working at every level – and in all areas across the nation.”

More information about all of the many health careers and their training requirements can be found at http://healthheroes.health.gov.au/



LIME Network - Indigenous Pathways into Medicine

The LIME Network has made an online resource available to help future students determine which university would be the best fit for them as they study to become a doctor.  It shows that there are many paths to gain entry into a medical degree.  

The online resource can be found at http://limenetwork.net.au/pathways