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Young Women Choosing Health

The video features presenters at the 2012 Weenthunga Health Day: Women’s Talk as well as Danika, one of the students attending that day, and Steff Armstrong, Weenthunga’s Health and Education Consultant.

The purpose of the DVD/video is to reach a wide audience of First Australian students – to capture their interest in the great variety of health careers and to illustrate good online resources which showcase health careers. It is hoped this might influence their understandings and decisions with their own health and career ideas. Listening to these health professionals and to Danika may inspire them to continue with their schooling, seek scholarships and maybe even undertake health courses – like Danika and these women.

The production of the video was funded by generous grants made by the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust (including one from the Johnstone Gumption sub fund) and by the Alf and Meg Steel sub-fund of the Australian Community Foundation.

"Young Women Choosing Health”