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Koori OT Scheme (KOTS)

The Koori OT Scheme (KOTS) was established in Victoria to actively encourage and advocate for increased Aboriginal representation in the occupational therapy profession in Victoria. The motivation for this support strategy is borne of a deep commitment to the knowledge that Indigenous health professionals are best-positioned to deliver meaningful and accessible services to Indigenous populations.

The term Koori is used as it refers to Aboriginal people from South - East parts of Australia.

KOTS offers:
* encouragement to secondary school and mature-age Koori students to consider occupational therapy as a career choice;
* financial and academic support to Koori students accepted into Victorian Occupational Therapy courses; and,
* mentoring of new Koori OT graduates.

Additionally, KOTS works towards a greater awareness and inclusion of Indigenous health issues in occupational therapy practice and education; as well as raising the profile of occupational therapy services and their potential contribution to Aboriginal health services.

If you are a Victorian OT and would like to join KOTS, in the short term contact KOTS via lin@weenthunga.com.au