On the 28th February Stephanie Armstrong and Lin Oke presented at The Funding Network’s donor night where over 80 people heard from four not-for-profit organisations about their projects that needed funding. The projects had earlier been shortlisted for the event, at which it was hoped each project might gain up to $10000 in the combined donations from a number of people or small philanthropy organisations. Steff and Lin had just 6 minutes to ‘make their pitch’.  At the end of the evening when it was announced that their project had received pledges worth more than $16000 they were thrilled.  It means that the Connecting “C”s project which Stephanie will manage this year with her Rowan Nicks Russell Drysdale Fellowship will be well resourced. The project will reach out to and link up First Australian senior school girls, not only with each other and their shared aspirations, but particularly with women in health roles – Aunties and Elders and Australians – on offer as mentors. It encourages two way talk and builds on the commitment of Weenthunga members to reconciliation.