Bendigo TAFE & Kangan Institute’s Indigenous Education, Employment & Training Advisory Committee (IEETAC) is currently being established and they’d love to know if you’re interested in being a vital part of it!

Between Bendigo TAFE’s various regional campuses and Kangan Institute’s many metropolitan Melbourne campuses, they have numerous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people utilising our services for vocational education and training.

In order for them to continue to service Indigenous students, staff and communities in the best way, they need to make sure that they have these regions appropriately represented with Elders that can advise Bendigo TAFE?& Kangan Institute on how to create the greatest opportunities for education, employment & training.

The committee will meet 4 times a year, rotating at various Indigenous Education Centre locations and other campuses. Although membership is unpaid and voluntary, assistance in Elder’s transportation can be provided where needed.

Click here to view the contact information and expression of interest form.