After welcoming everyone and acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land, Kelli spoke of Weenthunga’s first symposium held in Preston, 28th April 2012. The theme of the day was “Listening, Learning and Collaborating” and noted her appreciation of having all of the key national bodies in First Australian Health involved in our symposium – NAACHO, CATSIN, IAHA, NATSIHWA, AIDA.

 In July Weenthunga was asked to showcase health careers to a group of high school students who were coming to Melbourne in August – out of which rapidly evolved the Weenthunga Health Day: Women’s Talk on 8th August 2012.

  Kelli expressed her appreciation of the 9 First Australian women in health roles who shared their stories with the 20 First Australian school girls. 

It was with great pleasure Kelli introduced Steff Armstrong, Weenthunga’s Health and Education Consultant, who spoke about the day and the girls’ responses to it. There is a hope that the day will become an annual event. 

In Lin Oke’s Executive Officer report, she noted that these events and the engagement of Steff as Health and Education consultant have been made possible by generous grants from the Helen McPherson Smith Trust and the Towards a Just Society Foundation, along with small grants from the Fairer Future Fund, Reconciliation Victoria, Anna Wearne Trust and Portland House Foundation.

 Steff Armstrong is over-sighting the development of a DVD based around the idea of “Women’s Talk” for which Weenthunga has received $10,300 from the Johnstone Gumption Sub-Fund of the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust. 

The members present expressed a strong desire to contribute to Weenthunga’s endeavours and a members planning meeting will be organised in early 2013.