The Weenthunga President and Executive Officer have written to Jill:

We are writing on behalf of the Weenthunga Committee of Management and all of the Weenthunga members to congratulate you on your very well deserved Order of Australia.  This award appropriately acknowledges your distinguished service to Victoria’s Indigenous community over many years.

We have been so appreciative of the time you have given to us as we established the Weenthunga Health Network, as we were so conscious of the enormous load on your shoulders.  Yet you gave us careful consideration, guidance and encouragement.

We feel so proud of our little connection to you!  We can just imagine how your Board and staff feel, as well as the many, many community members for whom you work so hard!!!

With our warmest regards and congratulations.

Kelli and Lin

Kelli McIntosh, President and Lin Oke, Executive Officer