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Journey around this artwork with purpose and you will learn about our story of Balance created and shared by Shawana Andrews (Palawa) 2020 ©. ‘Balance across time, place and people through relationship, respect, reciprocity and responsibility.’

They create a path that others can follow and finally come together, drawing on old and new knowledge in their shared vision of First Nations’ health.

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The moths, humble creatures who show great adaptability and resilience, represent women as they move across Country and water, linking time and place through knowledge and understanding. They show great aptitude as they emerge from the earth, move through the community, learning from their Ancestors and Elders

The spiralling fish moving from the collective display strength and bravery in their leadership, leading through education and the support of generations.

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The fish show a river of movement of community through time, from past to future, demonstrating connectedness and leadership. They also show diversity across communities that builds strength from its networks and two-way learning and working.

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The Ancestors in possum skin cloaks stand together strong beneath the ancient trees and Elders, showing the way.

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This image represents balance across time, place and people. It shows the timeless anchor of mother earth with the 4 principles of relationship, respect, reciprocity and responsibility embedded within.

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